Hi! I'm

Linah Al Jarad

Software Engineering student.


A short insight into who I am!

I'm currently a third-year Software Engineering student at Western University that is passionate about software and web design. Somewhere in my mind, there was always a wish to pursue engineering. As a child, I enjoyed finding out how things worked, and engineering allows me to use my creative-thinking and problem-solving skills to help create innovative ideas and resolve obstacles in situations.

My curiosity about technology pushed me to pursue Software Engineering as learning to notice different patterns when coding has always amazed me. I am deeply interested to know how things work and innovate something more efficient, especially as technology is always advancing.

At the moment, I am seeking Software and/or Frontend Web Development internships for 2021.



Check out my Resume!


Bachelor of Engineering Science,

Software Engineering

Sept. 2018 - Apr. 2022

Western University, London, ON.

GPA: 3.8, Dean's Honour List (2019, 2020)

Relevant Courses:

  • Software Design
  • Algorithms and Data Structures
  • Web Technologies
  • Software Requirements & Analysis

Professional Experience

Frontend Web Developer

Oct. 2019 - Apr. 2020

Western University, London, ON.

  • Developed an interactive website using JavaScript, HTML and CSS.
  • Designed and prepared sample pages, design plans and website structures to present to the supervisor during weekly meetings.
  • Communicated and collaborated with a team of web designers to maintain and update the website.

Leadership Experience

LAMP 1.0 Mentor

Aug. 2020 - Present

Western University, London, ON.

  • Serve as a positive support to help first-year students adjust to the campus life.
  • Develop and maintain a mentoring relationship focused on helping new students make a smooth transition, acclimate to campus, and establish a sense of belonging.
  • Demonstrate leadership potential and willingness to challenge and support new students.
  • Work both independently and as part of a team with fellow LAMP mentors and mentees.

Engineering Student Ambassador

Jan. 2020 - Present

Western University, London, ON.

  • Represent Western Engineering by meeting prospective students, families, and special guests at events such as Fall and March Break Open Houses.
  • Promote the Engineering program by informing the incoming students about what the Engineering department offers.
  • Display willingness to share information about Western Engineering's community, student life, and campus resources.
  • Conduct campus tours for future students.


My technical skillset!

Technologies and Languages

HTML & CSS Proficient
Java Competent
JavaScript Competent
Bootstrap Competent
React Familiar
C# Familiar
Git Familiar
SQL Familiar


Click on the logos for more details about the project!

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To-Do List

JavaScript HTML CSS React

A simple to-do list web application that records a list of goals that the user wishes to accomplish. Each item on the list can be edited and deleted to fit the user's preferences.

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Java SQL JavaFX

A fully configurable GUI clinic portal developed to provide an interface for clinicians to efficiently automate their paper-based processes and maintain their accreditations.

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Space SHMUP Game

C# Unity

A space shoot'em up game developed using OOP and singleton design patterns where players can destroy enemies and collect powerups to advance to more difficult levels.

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JavaScript HTML Figma Android API

A beneficial application that allows restaurant owners to notify users about any excess meals that they have leftover near the end of the day to donate to them upon request.

Placeholder image

Rock Paper Scissors

JavaScript HTML CSS

An engaging web application game developed to compare and showcase the results of the choices: rock, paper, or scissors, selected by the user vs. computer.

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Portfolio Website

JavaScript HTML CSS Bootstrap JQuery

A user-friendly static web application built to showcase my relevant experiences, technical skills and software projects.


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